We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway
. . . .
Anticipation, Anticipation

I can think of no better way to start our new adventure than with Carly Simon singing in the background. 

It's keep'n me waaaaiiit'n

And the countdown has begun until we turn the lock, pile into the tahoe, and pull out the drive.  Just thinking about it ignites sparks in my tummy, so many things to get done before we leave, and the hot weather is not motivating me one bit. We need to get the garage/yard/tag sale organized and some cooler weather would make it easier to go through the totes, which are patiently waiting. The thought of leaving a nice clean, decluttered house seems necessary for me.  I think somewhere in my mind I am hoping we will get so swept up in the rambling life and never return.   Yet another part of me just feels that if we are going to be living in a 26 foot RV for months on end, then why would we need all this stuff upon our return.

When you leave for a vacation, do you feel the need to leave the house spotless?  As much as I love leaving a clean house, with 7 kids a clean house has taken on a new meaning; it means there is no trash in the trash pail nor food on the counter or under the bed - everything else is bonus.  But on this trip, it really does need to be tidied up a bit more.  I would prefer there is not a community of mice taking up residency upon our return.

27 days today . . . I wasn't going to do a countdown because they create so much anxiety for me; however, the kids love counting down anything, and it eliminates me telling them umpteen times a day when we are leaving.   Instead I can turn the question around and ask them or they can simply tell me umpteen times a day increasing my panic just slightly. 

So here it is, the beginning of our adventure in 


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