Are We Crazy?!?!?!?!?!

I am beginning to wonder.  

As we get closer to our departure date for our trip into the wild blue yonder, I have been sharing our upcoming adventure with more and more people.  Some of them know us intimately, some casual, and some are complete strangers, yet they all have the same response - "You must be crazy.  7 kids in an RV . . ..".  So now I am beginning to wonder;  Are we crazy?  Do I really know what I have signed us up for?  Are we taking a one way trip to Crazy Town?


My response to complete strangers is usually something like, "I really want the kids to say they seen Glacier National Park while there was still a glacier there because who knows when it will be gone".  To people who know us a little better, I tend to say, "Yeah, we're crazy but we only live once" with a half hearted laugh.
Then they usually want to know the answers to a lots of questions I haven't given much thought to, but I am beginning to think maybe I should; for example, "What are you going to do with all your spare time?", or "Where/What will you all eat?".  To me these are things that will just happen - I mean do I really need to know these things?  I am more worried about getting my mail forwarded to the right post office and keeping my water pipes from freezing while we are gone. 

So, I guess my honest answer to the crazy question is that I really don't know and will let you know in a few months.
 Crazy Horse here we come!

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