Time Flys . . .

When your having fun; only I think the word fun is an exaggeration. 

Honestly though, I don't know where the time has gone.  I should have allowed more time for the actual getting ready to go part.  We have a full to do list still and no end in sight, so instead of stressing and creating more anxiety for myself, I am giving myself a couple more weeks before we take off, which is totally against my nature.  Maybe I am maturing in my old age, or maybe it just makes sense.  I typically push and push, until we all are on our last leg, to get out the door on time; this time it is different and I'm just not ready, so I'm not going to rush it.  One of the things I am being more conscious of this year is patience.  I think the little ones are teaching me that.

We will now be waiting until September before we go, and I am not naming a date; instead, it will be whenever we are ready.  Just seeing these words written loosens the worry lines between my brows.

So for those of you awaiting our maiden voyage, we will be docked for a couple more weeks.

(Biloxi Shrimp Boats 2011)

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