Two Week Outing

We are not officially on the road yet but we are camping next to a shower house and have unlimited electric, water and wifi for $18 a night. Does that qualify?

We are glamping at Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant Iowa until labor day, and loving the quiet campground (our neighbors, grandma and grandpa, probably don't think it such a quiet camp) before the rush next week.

Old Threshers is great for the kids in so many ways. They love the family tent, which has several acts a day, and Old Town where they can watch the showgirls perform in the Saloon (wherever there is dancing and music you will find us). And sometime during the event, all the kids, with their bonnets tied tightly, will pile on great-grandpa's classic John Deere and putt through the grandstand area waving to the crowd being the super stars they are. Plus they will get to watch horse teams threshing, sorghum being harvested and boiled, and if they behave well they get a fresh sorghum sucker.

But for now we are just enjoying the naked night sky, long walks through the campground, teeter totter rides at an unoccupied pioneer village and our daily learning party at camp.


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