Should I stay or should I go

If I go there will be trouble
An if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know
 . . .
This indecisions bugging me

I'm ready to go . . . I'm not . . . I'm ready to go . . . I'm not . . . I'm ready to go . . .  

The weather has been so nice here that I have been flopping like a fish outta water.  I am ready to hit the road but I really want to stay and enjoy the Mabon season.  I love all the seasons but fall is my favorite - what's yours?  As I am doing dishes, I daydream about sitting on a secluded white sand beach with the waves gently breaking close to shore, and my kids playing in the landscape.  Then Autumn oak leaves with a hint a rain floats by, and I want to hurry and escape to my  hammock overlooking the pond with the kids giggling around me just one last time. 

We need to go.  We are really ready, and just finding minor things to cross off the list; things that can wait until spring.  The major hold-up was the roof and it was done last week, and the last of the clean-up was done this weekend, so there really is nothing holding us down . . . except enjoying these lazy fall days.

So without much further ado, we will be hitting the rambling road - but first one more fling in the hammock.

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