My Favorite Modification

With a family of 9, in a 24 foot trailer, there were plenty of modifications made, but my favorite one was probably the easiest to do.  The blackboard fridge, which we use everyday.

On the bottom, I let the kids color away.  It is a great way to keep them busy while I am trying to get meals ready, and they want to be under foot.  I also like it because we erase it every day or so, which I think is good for the kids. It is important for them to learn it is okay to create something, enjoy it, and then not be afraid of letting it go, and starting again.  And if it is something they absolutely LOVE then we take a picture of it, and they put the picture in their log book.  As a writing professor, all too often I see students who can't let go of that first draft or introduction when it really just needs to be deleted.  It served a purpose (to get the juices flowing) but it just isn't final draft material.  Life is like that, and it is important to John and I that our kids learn the joy in creating something, enjoying it, and then letting it go.

Bonus is that 20 years from now, in the age of white boards and ELMO, my kids may be part of the elite few who know what a chalkboard is.

The functionality portion is on the top where I keep the grocery list.  We simply take a picture of it before we leave for the grocery store - then it is all right there while I'm shopping.  It is also great when John happens to stop by the store unexpectedly - I just take a picture of it, and whoa-la it is sent to his phone. 


How I did it:

  1. Pop off the top molding on the fridge and freezer panel.  
  2. Slide the wood panel piece out.  It does bend a little bit, and will just come right out.
  3. Sand the back side of the wood panel.  I decided to paint the back of the panel just in case we, or someone else if we decide to sell it, wanted to flip it back over to the wood panel.
  4. Using chalkboard paint, paint the back side of the panel.  The first layer I put on using a brush, which was a bit rough, so I switched to a small foam roller, which worked wonderful!
  5. I painted two layers and then sanded the rough areas out.
  6. I then painted two more layers and let it dry thoroughly - about 3 days or follow the directions.
  7. YEAH!!!!!  You now have hours of fun and functionality!
We LOVE the blackboard fridge!


  1. You are so creative, and your kids are so lucky. I admire the heck out of both of you!

    1. Thanks Jen, it takes one to know one :) I have had moms like you show me how to do it.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is such a fantastic idea! We are planning to full-time when we get back to the States and have been wondering how on earth we were going to incorporate a chalkboard surface into the RV somewhere. Currently, we have our dining table painted in chalkboard paint, plus two other chalkboard surfaces in our house. They are constantly in use and I can't imagine having a home without being able to write somewhere in it with chalk. :) -Jenna