50 years

I can remember getting married and thinking happily that I would be with John for the rest of my life; however, at the time, through the haze of youth and love, I couldn't picture us getting old and 25 years of marriage seemed far, far, away. I only hoped for a large family and lots of love.

On the 14th of November 2012, my amazing in-laws celebrated 50 years of marriage, and it was a wonderful celebration. The entire family showed up to ring in with well wishes.

But for John and I, in those early years, there were days, and weeks, and even months, when I cursed the day we got married, which further clouded the image of 50 years. The reality of that blissful wedding day was something not so happy. The first 5 years of our marriage was hell. Nobody tells you how bad things can be when the honeymoon is over. It was always one thing after another, usually money, children, or shattered dreams. Although, if someone would have told me how bad it would be I probably wouldn't have believed them.

But somehow we muddled through, one day at a time, and now 20 years later, life is full of family and love. I wish there had been another road we had taken to get here. Yes, I can hear you saying, "But then you wouldn't be what you are now".

I am blessed beyond belief! 9 amazing children, 2 adorable grandsons, and 1 wonderful son-in-law; what more could I have asked for.

On this day, I realized that not only can I see our marriage at 25 years, but I can realistically see us at 50, and it looks much like the first picture.

So here is to the next 30 years; although, I hope they are easier than the first 20 :)

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