Winter Solstice

We had a wonderful, although very different, winter solstice celebration today. We popped the popcorn, packed the cranberries, and headed for the woods.

We are in a very urban type campground about 10 miles from a HUGE woodland - De Soto National Forest, and went into the woods at the Bethel Bike Trailhead. We spent the afternoon creating, singing, dancing, and enjoying the outdoors. It seemed a bit unusual walking around in the woods without mittens and snow pants, especially since we are told the house has 20 foot drifts around it.

We crafted popcorn and cranberry garland to hang in the trees for the animals and birds to enjoy.

We eat snacks from the same garland mix, and at times the twins stole popcorn and cranberries from the garland strands Hanna and Lexi were working so hard on.

After our crafting and eating, we went for a walk; enjoying the sunbeams as they broke through the naked trees.

Shortest Day, Longest Night,

The year full circle, ends tonight,

Blessed be the New Year!



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