Happy Happy Happy

Hello, My name is Christine and I am a reality t.v. show junkie.

Oh goodness, this road trip has brought out a side of me I had long forgotten. I remember when I was in my teens, and MTV aired the first ever reality tv show (I know, Im showing my age) - I liked reality tv then and like it even more now. What is the draw? Most of it these days is mainly staged and not reality at all.

At our campsite, we get free cable TV, and as I type I am flipping between Moonshiners, and Long Island Medium. I think my favorites are Duck Dynasty, Sweet Genius, and Chopped. I lay in bed at night almost peeing my pants from laughing so hard at Si. Even my kids are sneaking back to catch a glimpse of the spirits or some delectable desert.

I am/was one of those moms who had a daily limit of 1 hour of television at home, and we never knew what was on the other 4 channels except PBS. I prided myself when their peers were talking about Sponge Bob and mine didn't know who that was. And now, even though they are not watching cartoon network or that blasted Disney channel, they are becoming PBS junkies - there are 3 PBS channels. Curious George and Cat in the Hat have now become a part of our morning routine, and to be quite honest I am enjoying this. For the first time in a LOOONNNGGGG time I get to prepare breakfast in peace or I can turn on the tv and read for a bit; I am enjoying A Game of Thrones just as much as the reality tv marathon.

So for now, I am Happy Happy Happy as Phil would say but just like on the show I am sure there will be a backlash for over indulging.

However, I am convinced now, more than ever, that we need our own reality t.v show

7 Rambling Kids - 7 kids, 2 dogs, and a generator

I wonder which channel would pick us up? Are we The Learning Channel or Discover material?



Under The Trees

We were camping out on the savanna but are undercover once again. Same campground, just different area. After driving home from the base exchange and commissary, we spied an empty spot under three large shade trees next to the shower house - how much nicer can it get?

So with hungry bellies, we quickly jumped into action. Everyone rushing to their assigned departure duties and scrambling to move before someone cruised in and stole the coveted tree covered concrete pad, and it didn't hurt that the sooner we got moved the sooner we could all eat lunch :)

Under the trees there was an instant breeze. We moved a whole 100 feet, and who knew there would be such a difference in temperature and temperment. We opened the windows to let the sweet breeze in and the stink out. And almost instantly everyones disposision mellowed.

There is something primal, primitive, and otherworldly about being in the woods; the movies stereotype it and the novels personify it. There is something relaxing about being among the trees - there must be some warm and fuzzy DNA switch that gets turned on under the canopy of the ANTS.

As much as I love the beach and the desert, nothing beats a good old oak tree, and one as beautiful as the one we are residing under tonight makes for a peaceful, easy night.