A Sunny Day In December - Disk Golf

For Yule we asked for a family gift - disk golf. We got three starter packs as a good place to start.

Before hitting the actual courses it was recommended that we first find a large open field to practice throwing. And when he said open, that is what he meant. John got anxious and started throwing them before we got to the field and the big oak tree left a nice mark on one.

We all really enjoy them; however, I must say that no matter which disk I have - the putter, mid-range, or the long distance - they all go the same length.

We have three lefties in the house and it seems that they may have some sort of an advantage because John and Lexi can make them fly.

We have also learned that having a human target can be detrimental to ones health.

And just like with anything, it is always good to have a support and cheer section.


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