Let The Real Test Begin

I feel like the last couple of months have been a test to see if we were even going to survive this crazy road life, and now the true test begins.

We are heading out in the morning and boondocking/shunpiking our way to Arizona. I am excited and nervous. My goal is to not spend more than a $100 this month on camping fees.

Last month I bought the ebooks called A Frugal Guide To Texas, A Frugal Guide To Arizona, and A Frugal Guide To New Mexico written by Marianne Edwards, which I really enjoy (you can check them out at her website called www.frugal-rv-travel.com) to help plan for the trip, and now we will put it to the test. We are going to try to use Walmart parking lots and Rest stops as little as possible, and instead are going for the more scenic overnight stopovers.

So "CHEERS, and here is to a safe and scenic trip!"



  1. I just found your blog and spent the last hour enjoying my morning coffee and reading your past entries. What a sweet family and living our dream to boot!

    I have bookmarked this page and plan to check in daily to hear about your adventures. I am so excited for you!


    1. Trina, how sweet and thanks for stopping in. Where are you from? Are you going to be RVing full time soon?
      Most days we are having the time of our lives and finally, after 4 months of being on the road, feel like we are getting in a groove. It takes some time and I dont think you ever feel like you are ready to begin the journy until you just do it.
      Happy trails and cheers to a good cup of java

    2. We live in middle Tennessee about an hour east of Nashville. We have dreamed of what you are doing for many years now. We have 2 fifteen year olds and a ten year old still at home. Not sure we are ready to do it with the kids, but we have talked about spending a few months out west this summer.

      Keep up the updates. You are inspiring me :)