Building In The Desert

When we are not hiking or roaming across the desert, the kids are always busy doing something, and usually that is building things.

At Big Bend National Park, there are lots of rocks to use over and over to build interesting things. One child built a fairy house, another child used some of the same stones the next day as a dividing line for a game, and yet another for a lizard sunning station.

Lexi with her fairy house.

We even built a working sundial on day two, which was useful for the remaining 8 days. It may not look like much but it does the job, and quite accurately.

Can you tell what time it is? 1:30 CST

A little lizard scuttled up Lexi's hand while she was play with some stones.

I have made a new rule in the past month or so, no inside toys go outside, and since the kids prefer to play outside they have been very creative with the things nature has left them to play with.

I am hoping in a couple months I can cut the six drawers of toys down to three, and the rate we are going it will be totally doable.


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