I'm in LOVE with sunsets

Every time I come to this part of the country I see the most beautiful sunsets, and since we have arrived in the south/southwest I have rarely missed a sunset. At the house, I got so caught up in the business of getting things done that I rarely got to enjoy the moment where the day ended and the night began.

Sunset over the camper - ours is the far right one.


I have always enjoyed the contrast between light and dark but never took the time "witness" the transition. Now, I can't get enough of them. The colors and sounds intoxicate my senses, and I am addicted. Just imagining I might never seeing one again kills the buzz. And yes, I am a hopeless romantic.

The painted desert.


I only hope I never get so caught up with life again that I forget to breathe and stop for those few seconds between day and night.

Look who joined me (upper Center of the picture) - this is the hill behind me.


Trust me - take the time tonight and watch the great Ray sink below the horizon wherever you are.


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