Imbolc In The Desert

Normally we are in the midwest for our celebrations and can physically feel the seasonal changes that move the wheel of time. However in the south, the seasonal changes are not as pronounced and one must look for the subtle changes. We took advantage of the unusual weather and landscapes to create beautiful memories.

To welcome Brighid, we manipulated the elements to illuminate the desert and renew the light in our hearts.

We created a elemental wheel and sundial out of the readily available rocks.

The keepers of the circle.

Used native sage for cleansing the celebration area.

Welcomed Brighid with our short sleeves and sun dresses.

And celebrated!

We also give a little extra thanks to Brighid for blessing us with our two precious babies born February 6th, two years ago.

Hope you all enjoyed your Imbolc and created wonderful memories where ever you are.


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