Staying Healthy On The Road

It has been harder than I thought. At home, I was very strict about what and when we ate, and it seems now a lot of that has flown out the window.

We still are not eating meat, and are actually eating less dairy, but the processed food has been slowly creeping in. We hardly ever eat out - maybe twice a month, if that; however, the boxed, bagged, and canned food is filling up the cupboards. I am hoping that once we get to Tucson there will be better fresh produce available at a much cheaper price - I so miss Aldi's. I was under the misconception that because I was in the south, where they could still be gardening, I would be able to get good and inexpensive produce but the produce is actually higher here than it was when we were at home.

A typical day for us is a hot grain for breakfast, either oats, quinoa, or rice, and on occasion a fresh fruit. Then for lunch maybe Annie's Mac and Cheese with a frozen vegetable thrown in, or PBJ tortillas with carrots and celery. Then supper is usually some sort of lentils or beans with rice and a side of veggies. I have become all about the one pot meals. It just makes life so much easier on a small three burner gas stove.

You will notice that we are not getting near enough fruits and veggies, which is super sad!!! We are getting about 3 or 4 servings, when we should be getting 9 to 13, and is what we would normally be getting at home. At least we have our Juice Plus to help bridge the gap from what we are getting to what we should be getting. We love our Juice Plus, and I can't image how we would be feeling, with all this hiking and playing, without it.

Another disappointment is that we have not really been able to have our Tower Garden up and going. I had envisioned the beautiful spinach and lettuce we would be eating in the middle of January but sadly the tower garden is now packed away until . . . . It has just been too hard to keep things alive when we are running on limited battery in primitive areas. We finally let the kids pluck the miniature lettuce and swiss chard as we packed it away until we figure out another alternative. John says our next big purchase is solar panels, which would really help when we are primitive camping and boon-docking.

So for now, we are doing the best we can and Living Life to the Plus.

What kind of meals do you fix on the go, which require little prep?


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