The Desert Is Drying Us Out

When we were in Biloxi, Ms I was going crazy with the amount of moisture in our camper. Every morning we had condensation on the windows, and the water in the window sills would have to be soaked up with two, or sometimes three, tea towels. We had sweating walls creating mildew on the linens stored in the cabinets that shared an outside wall. We spent every morning opening up cabinets and airing things out.

Now in the desert, we are enjoying the dryer climate. In the morning, we wake up to a a little bit of steam on the inside windows, which dissipates quickly as the sun warms the desert.

We are also noticing a change in our skin, and everyones lips are cherry red from being chapped. The little ones do not enjoy the Bert's Bees lip balm because of the menthol in it, so it is Boudroux's moisture cream for them. I have also used all the jojoba and grape-seed oil, and we are on the last bottle of our Shea and Argon Oil Baby Lotion.

I am also noticing the dryer my skin gets the older I look :( The lines are more pronounced, and the skin is actually sagging in ways it has never sagged before. Or maybe the stress from traveling is finally catching up with me.

And our scalp . . . talk about drying out. It is making a hat a necessity for this dark, rarely washed hair.

Although I am sure this sounds like complaining, it is not. I am actually very thankful for this dry weather, and the chance to dry out. But what a difference 500 miles can make.


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