Drexel Flea Market

One of our favorite things to do on Sat. or Sun. morning is to roam around the Drexel Flea/Farmers Market off Drexel and Mission in South Tucson. This place has everything!

The first place we usually hit is the little El Salvadorian restaurant/shanty. They have the most delightful Pupusas, slaw and sauce. Two of those babies, some coffee and we are ready to go shopping.

Then we wander the market looking for that special one of kind thing - this last time it was a hand made hat for Hanna, and I got some woven baskets.

Then we find one of the fruit stands and fill up with two fresh fruit cups, which have coconut, papya, cucumber, watermelon, cantalope, pineapple - really any fresh fruit you can imagine is wedged in this big clear solo cup. Then there is pepper sauce, salt, and other condements to top the fruit off. They are soooooo yummy!

Next is the dollar produce stand. I have been getting almost all my produce from this stand since we have been in Tucson, and it is all one dollar for a bread size bag of produce. The peppers and limes have been our favorite.

Finally we swing by the tortillias booth where we get a bakers dozen of whole wheat tortillias for two dollars. These are warm, fresh tortillias, which melt in your mouth. Plus we get a few sweets breads too.

So if you are in Tucson on a Sat. or Sun. morning - make sure you check out the Drexel market.


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