Saguaro National Park

We keep busy every day, doing what I am not always so sure, but by the end of the day I am always amazed that another day has flown by.

One of my greatest pleasures in Tucson is looking out at the saguaro cactus everyday, and when we leave I am sure to dream about them. They are so majestic and soulful.

These pictures were taken at the Saguaro National Park east. Both parks are equally amazing but today was our last day on the south side of Tucson, so we made on more trip up the mountain to enjoy our lunch.

We found a nice lunch shelter on the loop, and settled in.

Some of them decided it was nicer in the sun, and ate their lunch put on the veranda. I have gotten pretty good at fixing lunches to go. Today was noodle salad with beans in baggies, so all they had to do was unzip it and dig in with their fork or spoon. I usually then throw in an apple or orange for them too and wallah, lunch is served.

The company was great, and scenery was fantastic. Another successful afternoon.


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