We are dry camping on BLM land, on the hill, in south Tucson. There are about a dozen other campers here - half a million dollar coaches parked next to pop-up tents and people sleeping in their cars. We fit right in.


The landscape in beautiful, and the kids love playing in the desert. We have creosote bushes in our front yard, and not many cactus, which is a pleasant surprise - one less thing I have to worry about with the twins and Ciara. If I say, "There are some pokeys, be careful". They all immediately look down at the ground to see where the cactus are. This part of the country is astonishingly diverse.


We are also about four miles from Desert Trails RV park, which is were my Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt all spend the winter, so it is like a family reunion. It is always nice to be around people who "get" you, and give you grace without judging. Although, I must say that most RV'ers are very welcoming of our tribe, and give us and the kids lot of grace. There has only been one time, in the past five months, were I felt unwelcome in our camp area. RV'ers are a unique bunch of people - our kind of people.



  1. If blogs had a like button I would push it now :)


  2. I very much enjoyed meeting your family, and felt bad we never got a chance to chat or really say goodbye. Give Lexi a hug from the "fruit lady" lol. Safe travels and who knows maybe we will meet up again some where along the way!