Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

We LOVE this place!

In fact, we enjoy it so much that we got a family membership, which is actually a really economic thing to do if you plan on going several times, or you have more than 4 adults going at the same time. Our whole family gets in for free, we get three free guest passes, 2 free coffee and tea every trip, and 10% off items in the gift shop - what a deal!

This place is a zoo, aquarium, garden, museum, and art gallery all rolled into one, and we can honestly say we have enjoyed every aspect of this wonderful place.

We have gone to the educational programs; where Hanna got to be a participant in learning how to figure out a tortoises age. There is also a rapture program twice a day, and the raptures of the desert fly and perch right next to the audience.

We have seen hummingbirds building their tiny little nests, and the itsy bitsy babies peeping for food from mom in the hummingbird atrium. There are several different bird atriums, and the older kids love walking through them; however, the twins are scared to death of the birds, especially big ones like herons, cranes, and ravens.

We have eaten lunches on the ramada walkways, which stretch out over an amazing view of the valley, and in the nice outside cafe area.

They have also built a cave with a bat display where the kids can try on gigantic bat ears, and outside the cave, we have searched for gems and other rocks in a rock mining display. Then we walk a little ways down the path to uncovered bones in the archaeological dig area.

Just so much here for all the ages and more than enough stuff to do for several trips. I could go on and on about everything the kids have seen and learned here.

And did I mention, "We LOVE this place!


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  1. I also LOVED this place, thought it was amazing. I am so glad the kids enjoyed it so much!!