Reid Zoo

The Tucson zoo is the perfect size for kids of all ages, and the activities they have are pretty awesome.

One of the most memorable areas for us is the elephant area. The Reid zoo has a nice area set aside for the elephants, and an interesting zoo keepers presentation, as well as an interactive educational area. The favorite for all the kids seems to be the wall mounted elephant butt. The butt is pressure sensitive, so when it is hit in different areas, the butt makes different elephant noises - we laughed and carried on with that butt for quite some time, and the twins had to be dragged away from it.

There is also the other typical exhibits with a learning building in the middle of them. In this building the kids get to see monkeys up close, draw marine wildlife, and pet a few small domestic animals. There are wonderful stations set up for the kids to sit and reflect on what they are observing.

We spent the whole day at the zoo, which was surprising because I really thought the little ones wouldn't last much past lunch time. But because there are plenty of spaces created for them to stop and relax along the route, we were able to keep them engaged the entire time.

Also an added bonus we enjoyed were the key stations along the way. When we checked in at the gate, we got a key for two dollars, which we can use over and over at the zoo. Then as we walked the route, there were station boxes where we inserted the key, and a recorded message from a zoo keeper talked about the given animal. It was interesting because the information wasn't just the facts about the species but was personalised to the specific animal we were observing. Well worth the extra bucks. The Reid zoo is also on our Niabi zoo reciprocal list, so we got our whole family in for FREE.


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