Sabino Canyon

As we acclimate ourselves to the area, we are learning a few tricks, which I am sure the Native Americans have known for centuries. One of the things we are learning is that the canyons are the place to be on warm days. For one, they have shade either on one side or the other for most of the day. For two, there is usually a lot more vegetation, and in this case, trees, to take cover from. And finally, usually there is a spring to cool off in - our favorite.

So, on one of the hottest days of the month, we scheduled our trip up Sabino Canyon, and enjoyed the escape from the typical Tucson desert.

The nice thing about Sabino is you pay one price for the tram, and you can ride it as many times, up or down, the canyon, and it has 9 stops along the way to get off and on. We ended up riding all the way up and then road it back down to a picnic area, which there are several different ones along the way.

The picnic area we chose had a wonderful "beach" area for the kids to play in the water. We actually spent hours at this stop, just enjoying the beauty of the area and the kids at best.

We then meandered down the canyon at our own place. Some of us moving faster than others, so we split up and agreed to meet at the bottom when we were all done.

My party played in the creek at another spot and then rode the tram back up the canyon for one final trip. One thing nice about the tram is that on the way up the driver narrates about the local beauty, and then on the way down he/she doeesn't talk to let us enjoy the ride. Although, we were not too quiet; as we met up with some people from Lynchburg, PA and had a wonderful conversation about their state, which we hope to visit in the fall.

Finally, as we wound down for the day, we met up at the bottom, and strolled through the air conditioned visitor center to learn some history about the place we had seen.

Even though the initial fee to get all nine of us into the canyon was a bit pricey, when it is divided out for a whole days entertainment it makes the trip quite reasonable. We packed out lunch, water, and beverages, so the tram was our only expense. The only thing we would have changed about the visit was to pack our the kids swimsuits :)


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