Garden Canyon and Ft. Huachuca Canyon

The sycamore trees stood naked against the dark rock mountains during the spring equinox while we enjoyed the spring like weather.

Dad, John and kids near the trail.

Garden Canyon is accessible from Fort Huachuca, and is a beautiful canyon with several trails branching off it from easy to advanced hikers. This area is also a famous birdwatching spot, as it is home to the illusive Mexican Spotted Owl.

We locked the vehicles into 4 wheel drive and took off for the mountain tail/road. After driving about halfway up the mountain, the road started to get a little soft, so we got out and walked a bit. With the sun shining on our faces, we explored nature while walking the trail.

Magical Stream just off Garden Canyon Trail.

At one point we ventured a bit off the trail into a magical creek bed. The mountain columbines where just poking through the earth, and the water was ice cold. We didn't stray too far though because we found a mountain lion tracks in the claylike trail; we didn't know how long the track had been there and didn't want to find out. The twins would have made a sumptuous snack.

We then went back down the tail to eat our spring equinox inspired lunch, colorful hardboiled eggs turned into egg salad tortilla wraps with pickles and apples.

Hanna with her dyed eggs.

On the next day, Mom and I decided to take a couple of the kids up the other canyon located on post, called Ft. Huachuca canyon, which was just a magical.

Mom and girls trekking ahead.

This hike was actually on an off-road trail, and we only hiked about halfway up but it was just a breathtaking. There were more rocks and sycamore trees here, and the whole hike was not near as steep. With a gradual ascend, the hiking was easy and enjoyable. There was more open area here and even little platues of grassy areas.

We hiked for about an hour at a slow pace and then headed back down. Along the way the kids built little rock houses for others to discover. It was a great day.



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