Looking for Volunteer Places

I just spent the last three hours looking for volunteer spots were we could shack up. I would love to get the one at Jewels Cave in SD this summer, or maybe Cowpens SC this fall. But the best would be Fairbanks or The San Pedro House near Sierra Vista AZ for the winter. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Here is the write up :)

We are a family of 9 and would love to volunteer at your park; please don't let our numbers scare you - you actually get more helpers this way.


We are a full time RVing family looking to help out wherever is needed. Between us we have lots of skills, and love helping out. We are very active and like to keep busy.


John is a retired Air Force helicopter mechanic and an all around handy man. John is also very friendly and has never met a stranger.


Christine is also ex-military (electrician on helicopters), writing professor, horticulture hobbyist, and road schooling mama. She loves helping out wherever is needed, especially with kids.


We also know a lot about yard maintenance, as we own a 40 acre hobby farm in Iowa, so we are no strangers to mowing, weed eating, and trail maintenance, and have been known to wrestled a few chickens, goats, and horses in that time.


Hanna is the oldest, 10, and is a huge helper. She is great at cleaning up trails and trash, and an animal lover. She prefers to spend her time outside in nature. Hanna also has her fathers gift for making friends easily.


Lexi, 7, and loves to clean. She cleans things top to bottom, and also loves to organise. She is our go to person when something needs to be categorised, or sorted. She is also very personable and a people pleaser.


Maia, 6, is a free spirit and loves anything active or artsy. She enjoys keeping her world clean, and recycling what she finds. Maia is adventurous and passionate about her environment.


Johnny (4), Ciara (5), and the Twins (2) are still young and growing into good helpers but need constant supervision; however, they are active and adventurous, and we don't let their age slow us down.


We are looking for a place where we can park our 26 foot trailer in exchange for volunteer services.


We all enjoy working, but would need one adult to stay with the children at all times - meaning John and Christine would not be able to work the same hours. Ideally we would like jobs where the older kids could help out too, they love feeling useful.


We understand that our family is not for everyone but if you think we might have possibilities for your park, please call or email us. We are game for just about anything.


You can check out our blog at www.7RamblingKids.com to meet our family.


Thanks so much for reading about us, Christine Trochesset


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  1. Good luck on your volunteer hunting. Any park would be very lucky to have your family!!