Successful Trip

For those of you who know me well, this is not new news, but I am not the most organized person. I am a work in progress and for the most part I am progressing :) I use to pride myself in being a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl; however, I have found with 7 kids, and on the rare occasion when I have planned ahead things go so much better.

I am always trying to read the latest organizational book but I recently came across an olde but goody. Getting Things Done by David Allen, and it makes a lot of sense, and best of all - it is working. I started implementing it before we left on our annual camp gathering (PSG), and we are half-way though the week and I can honestly say this book has made our week go soooooo much smoother.

To start with, it has made me make some goals like what did I want to get out of the event. So, I sat down with John before hand and we each came up with our "If I can do _______ then I will have had a successful PSG". I was so surprised at how this simple step made me think differently about how I prepared and packed for the trip.

John said he wanted to be able to drum, as much as possible, at the bonfire circle, and I made sure I geared things for him to have late nights and quiet mornings (well, as much as one can with 7 little ones in a 24 foot trailer).

My goals were for the kids to have fun, make new friends, and have healthy meals without a lot of cooking, and I did a lot of baking ahead of time, prepped all the veggies, and had a meal plan in place. Then I made sure we set up a nice safe yard area in front where the kids could play, hang out, and I could keep an eye on them.

And now at the end of the trip, I can report John got to drum every night, the kids met some great new friends (and so did I), and we are all still smiling at the end of the week. There might be something to this organizational stuff, and although I did not inherit my moms organization gene this old dog is learning some new tricks.


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