First Boondocking Spot

We are no longer virgin boon dockers and boy was it a night!

We pulled into Boomtown Casino in Biloxi Ms, and have the whole parking lot to ourselves right under one of those picturesque old swamp oaks. It got a little rough in the evening as the wind from a severe storm shook us but we are the better for it and rode the storm out fine.

It will take us some time to get use to limited lighting and no electric; however, the early bedtime and extra quietness are already worth it.

The kids played tea time most of the evening with minimal squabbling and I cuddled them as I read, A Clash of Kings. One thing we will have to work out is a charging routine. Right now my iPad, phone, the wireless router, and the nook all need charged and the only charger is in the vehicle, which we can't use unlimited because it will drain that battery. Hummmm.......... But I'm sure we will figure something out.

Now we are ready to hit the road.



Let The Real Test Begin

I feel like the last couple of months have been a test to see if we were even going to survive this crazy road life, and now the true test begins.

We are heading out in the morning and boondocking/shunpiking our way to Arizona. I am excited and nervous. My goal is to not spend more than a $100 this month on camping fees.

Last month I bought the ebooks called A Frugal Guide To Texas, A Frugal Guide To Arizona, and A Frugal Guide To New Mexico written by Marianne Edwards, which I really enjoy (you can check them out at her website called www.frugal-rv-travel.com) to help plan for the trip, and now we will put it to the test. We are going to try to use Walmart parking lots and Rest stops as little as possible, and instead are going for the more scenic overnight stopovers.

So "CHEERS, and here is to a safe and scenic trip!"



Gulf Coast National Seashore - Davis Bayou

We have enjoyed our spot nestled in the woods and backed up to the Bayou here in Ocean Springs, Ms. There has been lots for us to do. We take a daily walk up the road to either check out the resident alligator or practice disk golf in the old soft ball field.

We have had a fire when weather permitted, which sadly this time of year as only been once or twice in the last 14 days, and we have enjoyed listening to the birds chitter in the trees.

There are also some fun waterfowl to watch out our back window.

The park has been great and we used our national access pass to get 1/2 off camping, which has made the no sewer hook-up a little more bearable; however, I must say I am rather proud of us because we made it 14 days without having to dump the black water, so we are getting better. The shower house is kept clean and the camp host has been nice. The only real down side is the bugs. The little sand fleas are horrible at the playing field or other grassy areas and really ate John and the twins up, and the gnats were bad a couple days; however, not enough to keep us from not coming back.

The Davis Bayou Park has a nice, newer, visitors center with some cute hands on things for the kids, and a nice boardwalk around the area. It is amazing how diverse the bayou is. So many different ecosystems within inches of each other. The kids loved all the interesting science stuff.

The Park is also in the nice town of Ocean Springs, and a visit downtown is well worth the effort. It has a cute artsy district, with a mom & pop whole food store, and a playground for the kids. Well set up for families to walk and roam the streets, and in the warmer weather this would be a lot of fun.

We will definitely stay here again.


A Sunny Day In December - Disk Golf

For Yule we asked for a family gift - disk golf. We got three starter packs as a good place to start.

Before hitting the actual courses it was recommended that we first find a large open field to practice throwing. And when he said open, that is what he meant. John got anxious and started throwing them before we got to the field and the big oak tree left a nice mark on one.

We all really enjoy them; however, I must say that no matter which disk I have - the putter, mid-range, or the long distance - they all go the same length.

We have three lefties in the house and it seems that they may have some sort of an advantage because John and Lexi can make them fly.

We have also learned that having a human target can be detrimental to ones health.

And just like with anything, it is always good to have a support and cheer section.