Welcome Ostara

I love this time of year, the welcoming of all things cute and cuddly: all things pink and fuzzy.

Just like Yule, where we celebrate all month long, we begin celebrating Ostara, Eostre, or Easter, with Fat Tuesday through the spring equinox into Easter. We make it last as long as we can.

We started with these super easy, super cute beeswax egg candles.

We saved our egg shells back from the chicken scraps over a couple days (sorry chickens), and then colored the empty egg shells. I especially like the way the inside of the shells stained a more intense color than the outside.

Then we propped up little wicks in the shells, and poured the melted beeswax in the empty shells. I was surprised by how fast the wax began to set up. The whole project took less than an hour and everyone is so proud of their eggs.

We love the smell of these cute little things as they burn.


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