Big Changes Ahead

We have been back in our stick home for almost a year, and one thing has been confirmed - WE LOVE THE OPEN ROAD! So we hem and we hawed, and we (John, I, and the 7 kids) are now ready to commit to the full time RVing life. It took us awhile to commit because we didn't want to look back in 40 years and regret our choice - for the kids or us.

The reasons we stayed home for the year was to commit to certain educational practices for our special needs children; hoping we would see a big difference in their learning, and although they grew and developed we did not see anything extra special that we wouldn't have seen on the road.

So the calender has been created and the countdown began.

The days are being marked off, and the lists are being made. August 11th will be the final take off day, and if the house sells earlier then we can adjust. I showed the calendar to my dad and his reply was, "I can't read that thing - the numbers are all wrong". And yes, every day has two numbers in it - the actual calendar day and then our until lift off day. Today is day 78 until lift off.

The moving sale is this coming weekend, and everything will be out of the house and garage - move in ready for some lucky person or family. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. We are going through stuff that has sentimental value, and even though I am trying to stick to the "Life is about memories, not about stuff" motto, it is so very hard. Most of the "stuff" is large items like dressers, chairs, and desks - stuff not easily put in the camper. And then there is the whole getting rid of the paper/photo like stuff we keep - archiving and digitalizing. I guess I should be happy I am doing this now, rather than 20 years from now when I have accumulated even more stuff.

We will be living in the camper after this weekend, and just living simply. Everything will be out of the house, so it can be cleaned and ready to go for it's new owner. It will also free us up to do a little local traveling this summer before we head off into the wild blue yonder.

It always feels so good to make a commitment, and start implementing the actions to reach those goals. This is freeing and purposeful. I am taking everything we learned on our 8 month adventure and preparing for an amazing new adventure.

Life is all about the memories, not the stuff.


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