Emptying the Rooms

I wanna say it is official but everyone says it's not until closing day, so I am not going to officially say it but we are making big plans. 

We are emptying the rooms, one by one, hauling stuff out to the garage for this amazing moving sale.  I am overwhelmed with tears on most days from anxiety, and loss of my worldly treasures.  We are getting rid of everything except those extra special, can't live without, items. Our therapist says take lots of pictures, so the photo journaling begins. If anyone has any good electronic journaling website - please pass them on to me.  I would like something a little crafty looking, so I can write and photo too.

We are at the same time excited to be researching new vehicles and campers. So far in the lead is a Nissan NV passenger van, and a quad bunkhouse straight trailer.

The van has 12 seats and can pull up to 9500 lbs, so I think we should be good to go.

The campers we are looking at are all the same set up - just staying under the weight is the major factor.
Right now the brands in the lead are the Wild-wood and Passport.

Also during this time, John got a volunteer position up at Coralville Lake (Corps Campground) - sugar bottom campground - as a maintenance guy.  He gets to ride around on the gater fixing signs and picking up tree limb and debris.  He is loving it.  The only down side right now is that he is up there, putting in his 21 hours, and we are 1 1/2 hours south cleaning the house - I think he definitely is getting the better deal. We are hoping this will get our foot in the door, so we can get more volunteer jobs like this.  We love it!  Sugar bottom is perfect for an active family - it has a beach, several playgrounds, biking and hiking trails, and disk golf - what more could we ask for.

Please send us lots of energy vibes and well wishes.  We are ready to get this party started!


  1. I hope you guys are all handling things well. It seems very stressful. My partner and I havea been planning to sell our GA home in a couple of years and then buy a PA home. We have dreamed of RVing but thought we would have to wait 10 to 15 years... Recently, we started discussing trying RVing for a while before we buy that house in PA. It would mean having two young children with us and not straying more than a week from GA since my step-son lives here and we see him every-other-weekend during the school year. Well, we could stray almost as far as anyone could want during the summers, of course. Is it best for the little ones to only travel for a couple of days and then settle into one place for a week or so?

    1. Thanks so much for posting and reading our blog. At times it can be stressful but isn't that pretty general of life. I wouldn't trade our RVing times for anything. And once we get on the road our stress level will greatly go down. There is something about living simply and enjoying each other that we never got with anything else. I think RVing with your kids is better than waiting - just our opinion. What is making you wait? I understand about your step-son, and I think you can totally work it into your lifestyle.
      As far as the actual traveling from place to place - the road itself is an adventure, so they don't mind the driving part. Our normal pace is very slow moving though. We only go about 150 to 200 miles a day. We leave after lunch and get there before supper. That way we can enjoy the evening and morning in the new place. If we like it - we stay a bit; otherwise, we keep moving to our main destination. I have learned not to make very many reservations at campsites unless it is absolutely necessary.
      The twins have been traveling since they were 18 months, so they really don't know any different, and are really good travelers. Sometimes the potty breaks get a little interesting but that is all part of the memories :)
      My best advice is to be patient, and enjoy the ride.

    2. Thank you for the thoughtful response!

      Well, several things have us on hold. First off, we need to find and transition into IT jobs that will allow us to work remotely. Second, we are still rehabbing the house we are living in. Third, I'm pregnant (high risk) and need to be near my health team.

      I like your travel system. I could see homeschooling and playing outside in the morning, and then traveling between lunch and dinner. This would allow us clear times for our own work. We've been researching this quite a lot and I think we've determined that a 5th wheel set-up might be best...why do you prefer a travel trailer?


    3. p.s. Obviously, you prefer a TT because you need the seats a van would offer. Sorry. I wasn't thinking for a minute there.

  2. Congrats on your transition to roadschool/RV life! I know it can be hard to leave behind our old life and our things, but for us it was worth it, hopefully you will feel the same way soon too ;)