Slowing Down

One of my problems while on the road is settling in. I always feel like we might be missing out on some great cultural or educational opportunity we might never see again. I want to jam as much adventure in as possible.

Last night we got into St. Louis (Scott AFB), and before I even drank my coffee this morning, I got on my Ipad to see what the hours were for the Gateway Arch, The Childrens Museum, The Cahoka Mounds, and The Zoo. But what I kept thinking was how nice it would be to have a down day. A lazy Sunday. After several hours of hem-hawing, we decided to forget the sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of US. I lounged on the couch - for the first time ever - watching Sunday afternoon football, and enjoying my view.

Maybe it is because it is a drizzly day or maybe it is because I realize this is our home (not just a vacation camper) that allowed me to slow down and relax. I am not going to feel guilty about letting the kids play in their room, or letting the dishes pile up, or ordering out.

And look what happened when I just let the kids do whatever

Maia drew a picture of our campsite - the road, grass, shower-house, and the camper.

I became to subject of a hair clip fashion show,

and now,

I am going to finish enjoying my snuggling and lounging.


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  1. Next time STL is on your route, you MUST take the kids to the City Museum. The name is misleading as it is not really a museum. I believe that it is much better than the magic house. Give yourself at least half a day, if not all. Full of places to climb, slide, hide and play. Even a 10 story spiral slide!