So I Have NO Residential Address - What's the Big Deal?

Apparently, it is a big deal to the State of Iowa. It is not enough for us to have a mailing address. To be a law abiding resident, we must actually have a place of residence, besides an RV. I can't just say, I live in an RV, here is my P.O. Box, and here is the $3000 I owe you in taxes. Ohhhhhh nnnnoooo, they won't take my money (I know, there is a first for everything) and give me a tag without making me feel like a criminal. Instead, we have to spend two days getting documentation stating we are "residing" in a campground just to pay our taxes, then get our tag and title.

Day 1 - 5+ hours

John leaves early to get to the courthouse to pay the taxes on an RV, which we bought out of state. Seems like an open and closed deal. When he gets to the courthouse, he is informed that I need to be present since my name is on the title (okay, I understand that), and to bring a piece of mail showing our new address. That was 3 hours.

So, John comes home, eats lunch, and my wonderful mom volunteers to watch the kids, while both of us go back down to the courthouse. We wait in line, and then are told the PO Box where our mail is sent will not work. We must have a utillity bill or landlord contract in order to say we live in the county or a Drivers License with our residential address on it - both seem impossible to get, since we don't live at any one address. The person then goes back to "talk with the supervisor" leaving us at the front counter for what seemed like forever! I now have a taste of the fustration felt by homeless people - treated like we have done something wrong because we choose to live the life as a minority. The courthouse employee suggests we go to the DMV and change our Drivers License, and then come back with the new residential address on our license, which BTW isn't open on this day. Making notes on our documentation, the clerk shoos us on. That was 2 hours.

We go home, and I want to CRY because I know the DMV is going to want the same type of physical address as the courthouse, and how do I produce something I don't have. I am aggitated and stressed and the more I think about it the angrier and more fustrated I get. And I feel like my kids are deliberately pushing all my buttons - all I am asking for is a peaceful transition to bed, so I can figure out what I am going to do - is that really too much to ask for - apparently YES. I am finally able to get on-line to research things, when I find out I can change our address online YEAH, so I do but then realize the DMV only wants a change in MAILING address. How do I get a change in residential address? I changed our mailing address, and I guess I wait until day two to see what the DMV says when I physically go there. I then changed our address on our vehical insurance to show the campground as our physical address. I printed out the new insurance form, and hope to use that as one form of proof and our reciept from the crampground as our second form of proof. Only when I change the address on our auto insurance the rate goes up $143.00. Apparently living 5 miles down the road from North Liberty (a town of over 10,000), to the county of Solon (a town of maybe 500) it is risker to drive (must be all those suicidal cows that might run out in front of me while I am driving), so now to add insult to injury I have to pay for proof of my resedency. UUUHHHHGGGG! And all this is just to see if this MIGHT work.

Now my delima - on day two at the DMV, do I tell them the truth or just try and slide one by them? What happens if I get caught trying to pull my campground spot off as a proof of residency? Should I be upfront and honest in the hopes they will take pity on me and give me a new drivers licence with a change of residency? Only time will tell.

Once again, I feel like Big Brother is try'n to hold us back. I have to make up some B.S. to live the good life.

I wanna know, what does a person, who is living off grid - no electric or water bill - being totally self sufficient do? How do they prove their residency to pay their taxes? The state would rather have me make up some pseudo residency than just take my real P.O. Box - really???? What's the big hairy deal with a P.O. Box for an address?

Day 2 - 2 hours

What a difference a day makes. With a plan in place, we headed to the DMV. We were in and out within 30 minutes and 20 bucks lighter. New licenses in hand with a Mehaffey Bridge campground address (and when asked by the DMV cleark if this was were I lived, I simply told her I live in an RV and that is were we were at now - she didn't even seem to care), and we were off to the courthouse. With the little kids in tow, we walked right in to the courthouse, with no waiting line, showed them our new licenses and wrote a check for a large sum of money, and walked out with the trailer tag in hand. It took us more time driving around than we actually spent inside the building.

So now we walk around with a license stating we live at some BS campground address just to satisfy some crappy law that needs some major revamping.

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