The Sweet Life - Biloxi

M. I. crooked letter. crooked letter. I. crooked letter. crooked letter. I. Humpback. Humpback. I.
Six hours in a car from Grenada to Biloxi, and I began having teachers remorse.
We pulled into Keesler AFB Famcamp a little later than I would have liked but the wonderful camphosts stayed about 20 min. after closing to help get us in a great spot. We didn't waste any time before heading over to MaMa's and PaPa's house to surprise them (they didn't think we were coming for another 2 days). I poured me a big glass of sweet tea, and enjoyed a nice southern evening, while the kids enjoyed some new to them toys. One of the the best things about family is that no matter how long it has been since you last seen them, it seems like just yesterday.
The next day was a beautiful day, and the sun sparkled off the water, so I convenced John to let us go to the beach, which was only 4 blocks away. John is always reluctant to let us go because he grew up in Biloxi, and back in those days they use to dump in the Gulf. One can still see the ducting extending into the water at low tide. But since Katrina there has been a revamping of the beach area, and it is now a wonderful place to spend a warm October afternoon. The kids swam in the water, and we all enjoyed some tanlines.
It was exciting spending Halloween with the grandkids. I spent the better part of the day getting the kids ready with their Day of the Dead Sugarskulls, which turned out better than I imagined; although, the removal was not quite so fun. I think it took three days before the last trace of white could no longer be seen.
There is so much to see and do in Biloxi but we never seem to get any of it done; mainly because we spend so much time with the family.
We also took a break from school work, except for couple days. I never worry about taking time off because even though they aren't working from their curriculum, they are learning some really cool things - everyday life is FULL of teaching moments. The days at the beach were science days, learning about hermit crabs, jellyfish, and salt water buoyancy. We played disk golf one day for Phys. Ed., and Art/HomeEc was fullfilled when we made grapfruit birdfeeders.
Sweet Tea, Good Company, and the BEACH.
Life is Good!

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