Frog Capitol of the World - Rayne La

This stop was the first hop of our skip and jump over to Arizona. We are on the road again, and are trying to rest every 200 to 300 miles, which means about 3 to 4 hours a day.

We left Biloxi, Keesler Famcamp, at around 9:30 am and had no trouble plopping down on the west side of Lafayette, La. around 2 pm. The minute we pulled off the interstate we could see that the town was proud of their self proclaimed title, frog capital of the world. The civic center, where we pulled in to camp, is home of the Famous Frog Festival.

The campground was the craziest/coolest/easiest set-up we have ever seen. Ever light pole in the civic center parking lot and green space had 8 electrical hook-ups with 8 water spickets for a total of 720 spots, and I think there was only about 4 campers there. We picked a 50 amp spot on the edge of the parking lot under an Oak tree, and settled in for the night.

It made for a super easy in and out spot for overnight parking. There was also a Winn-Dixie food store a block away, so John got his beer run in.

This area is part of a city sports complex with bike/walking paths all over, and a playground right across the street. We looked high and low but never did see a live frog but we knew they were around because they serenaded us to sleep on this warm December evening (72 degrees).

On the way out there was even a handy dump station - Louisianna style - open manhole to the sewer system with a water facet next to it.

All this for $20 a night.


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