Snakes, and Herons, and Allagators! Oh My! - Davis Bayou NP

After getting the camper worked on, we headed over to Ocean Springs to be closer to Heather, the oldest daughter, and our grandsons. Even though we only moved about 20 miles, it feels like an entirely new habitat, and it really is.

At the Gulf Shores National Seashore Park, there is a healthy and thriving bayou, with their own residant alligator.

The visitors center (VC) here is one of the best we have been to. Not only is it educational and they have a varity of activities for all ages but the people working and volunteering are WONDERFUL!!! The big girls got their Jr. Ranger badges for the Gulf Coast National Seashore here, instead of at Ft. Pickens, and I am so glad we decided to do it here.

The Jr. Ranger program is a parents deam come true. I personally love the program because that is a week I don't have to plan what we are going to do. We pick up the work-booklet from the VC, spend several days working through the book, doing experiements, picking up trash, interviewing park rangers, and then turn it back in to the VC in exchange for a badge.

We didn't spend too much time here because we got the call from the Blue Angels that there was space available in Penscacola, which is a most do for me. So, we packed up quickly and headed to the Forida Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast recharges my soul, and right now this mamma could use a little recharging ;-)


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