Texas is look'n Up - Stephan F. Austin State Park

Every time we drive through Texas, John says, "One minute in Texas is one minute too long". I'm not sure were this sentiment comes from but I think he might be rethinking things a bit. The last couple trips through Texas have been nice, and we have enjoyed the campgrounds a lot.

On this trip we are not spending any extra time here because we are moving across at clipper speed. I-10 all the way across. Our first stop was the state park 30 miles west of Houston, and for a short overnighter it was GREAT! We arrived about 2 pm and had plenty of daylight left to set up and go for a super hero hike.

The state park sits right on a swift moving river, and the bottomland forest was really neat.

It is hard to believe it is a week before Yule, and the kids are running around in tank tops and shorts.

This is definately a re-do! We could have spent several days hiking on the more than 6 miles of easy hiking trails. Texas is looking better all the time!

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