52 Degree Heat Wave

What do we do to beat the winter time blues? Take a peak at the craziness.


The Winter Blues

We are beginning to wonder if this winter will ever end. Don't get me wrong, I love being out sledding and building snowmen but not in 0 degree weather. And now our frozen, melted-snow, now ice rink, lane is making winter even more bothersome.
So what is a person to do but dream of warmer days. In fact, we have been doing this all winter long. We pull out last years calendar, where brief notes open the flood gates to wonderfully fun memories.
Feb. 24th 2013. Went to Saguaro NP east with mom and older kids. Neat Drive.

Translation - Mom and I decided to drive up to the Saguaro National park on the East side of Tucson. John didn't want to go, so Johnny and twins stayed with daddy at the camper. I remember going through the nice visitors park and then taking the drive - the drive is what this place is all about. The drive is a one way snakey path through the cactus, river beds, and rock hills. We ate snack at a pinic table in the warm sun and climbed rock formations.

What this means on a cold Iowa winter night. 7 excited kids jumping around, laughing, smiling, arms flapping, as if they could fly themselves there. All rattling off things about the giant saguaro, who lives in it, how old saguaro's are before they get their first "arms", the rock mountain we climbed, and the rare fan shaped saguaro they saw. Our livingroom was transformed into another place, sunnier, brighter, and much warmer for over 30 minutes.
But as the kids get ready for bed, and the excitement high fades, I am left, for a moment, sadder than I was before. I want to hook up the camper and be gone - leave and never look back. Alas . . . I turn to the fridge, my motivation center where quotes litter the front, and quickly remember how lucky I am to even have these warm memories with my children. Life Is Good!