St. Louis - The Magic House

St. Louis was a bit of a disapointment for us this time around. The weather turned into typical fall weather, which was rainy, cold, and not much for outdoor activities unless you are a seal.

We actually pulled up into the parking garage for the Gateway Arch, got out, put all our rain gear on (it is about a 3 block walk from the parking garage to the Arch), stepped out to the edge of the overhang, watched the rain coming down sidewys for about 5 minutes, and decided the national monument wasn't worth our own personal discomfort, so we loaded a couple screaming, and disappointed kids into the Tahoe and pressed on.

The Magic House (St. Louis Children's Museum) was next on our list, and once we got there I think the kids completely forgot about The Arch. The Magic House lives up to its name. We spent 3 hours in kiddy Valhalla.
Lexi enjoyed applying one of her studies - the tangram. She just finished a story "Loawnu and the Fallen Ssky", which is about a women who put the sky back together - like a tangram. At home, Lexi had even made her own paper tangram to play with. So, it was a wonderful surprise to see, and play with, the tangram display at the museum.
The little ones enjoyed the water play - they stayed there for over 30 minutes. Maia figured out how to make a dam and spent hours rearranging the water.
There was also this amazing construction area where the kids could actually build and dig.
We finally wrapped up our visit in the magnetic area - we all took turns getting electrified.
I know the kids could have stayed a lot longer; however, the adults were EXHAUSTED! At least we all slept good that night.


Slowing Down

One of my problems while on the road is settling in. I always feel like we might be missing out on some great cultural or educational opportunity we might never see again. I want to jam as much adventure in as possible.

Last night we got into St. Louis (Scott AFB), and before I even drank my coffee this morning, I got on my Ipad to see what the hours were for the Gateway Arch, The Childrens Museum, The Cahoka Mounds, and The Zoo. But what I kept thinking was how nice it would be to have a down day. A lazy Sunday. After several hours of hem-hawing, we decided to forget the sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of US. I lounged on the couch - for the first time ever - watching Sunday afternoon football, and enjoying my view.

Maybe it is because it is a drizzly day or maybe it is because I realize this is our home (not just a vacation camper) that allowed me to slow down and relax. I am not going to feel guilty about letting the kids play in their room, or letting the dishes pile up, or ordering out.

And look what happened when I just let the kids do whatever

Maia drew a picture of our campsite - the road, grass, shower-house, and the camper.

I became to subject of a hair clip fashion show,

and now,

I am going to finish enjoying my snuggling and lounging.