Beautiful Fall Days - Lake Wappapello

The sunshine, the people, and the food - that is what makes life in the south so great, and I do believe we have crossed over.

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather, and after having such a cold drizzly time in St. Louis, we were ready for some sunshine. We spent everyday outside soaking up our Vitimin D, and energizing our metabolism. Lake Wappappello has a lot to offer. We played on the playgrounds - we got to three of them and know of two we didn't get to visit. We played volleyball at two of the three sand courts. We hiked two trails - both easy hiking, found two geochaches, lounged in our hammoucks, and hung out the laundry to dry. We even got in some S'mores, and sat out listening to the owls. It really was perfect weather.

We also met some really nice people. One of the nice things about camping during the off season, and during the week is that we get to meet the people who get things done. Our neighbors, Sam and Sherry, are volunteers here, and they made our stay extra special. One day Sherry even brought over goodies for the kids from a local bake sale - I am mean LOTS of them. Thank-you Sherry, they loved having Oreo pops for breakfast :) Typically we eat healthy breakfasts like smoothies, or steel-cut oats but it always special when we can add a bit of sugar with the smoothy. At the very kid friendly visitors center, there was a volunter who took an extra special interest in the kids and showed them around like they were royalty, and at the end each of the kids got a Junior Ranger COE badge. And people worry about our kids being socialized - REALLY???????!!!!!!!!

Food - Oh how we love the food. On Friday, the town of Poplar Bluff has their farmers market, so we slid in and got fresh green beans, turnups, pumpkins, and jalopino peppers, and boy were they all good. It was nice getting fresh produce, since we hadn't had any for a while. When we left Iowa, we dontated our Tower Gardens to the local school because the gardens were just too big to take traveling with us :( So I have been going through produce withdrawls. The greenbeans cooked up so nice in my new Insta Pot, and I wish we would have gotten twice as much. We also drove into a Sonic for a Cherry Limeade and Onion-rings, which is our special southern treat.

I leave you with this video.