Camping Along The Guadeloupe River - Kerrville City Park, TX

This campground is a keeper. It is tucked away in Kerrville along the Guadeloupe river with a outdoorsy feel. You don't feel like you are 5 min. from everything. We got in about 2 pm, ordered Pizza and enjoyed the evening at the playground.

We don't get to eat out a lot but since I failed to plan an afternoon meal, and there was a pizza delivery place at the entrance to the park that was calling to us, so we called them :)

The river is a fairly slow moving, shallow body of water - more like what we call a crick back home in Iowa. During the summer people must swim in it because there are pictures of the river filled bank to bank with people. Today we seen several birds perched on trees beached in the middle of the river. There were also several fishermen out trying thier luck.

We did our usually trip to the playground, which was nice and had a bathroom close by. We also decided that weather is not the determining factor on shoe choice. We also said that winter weather made it closed toe shoe time but we have decided the ground cover and plants may make it close toed shoe weather also - pricklies in the toes is no fun!

We enjoyed a nice walk down by the river, and the pull through full hook-ups were super nice. It seems there is a lot more to do in this little Texas town than we are going to explore during this stop. Definately a redo.

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