Happy New Year!

I always love a New Year celebration, in fact, I take the opportunity to celebrate it several times a year. I even use the New Moon every month to start something new. I love making plans, starting new things, and I use the New Year as an opportunity to jump start these crazy ideas.

This year is no different. We are planning on visiting places we haven't been before. We are moving Westward into California to watch some whales, spy on some seals, pick some oranges, climb some mountains, swim in the Pacific ocean, hug a redwood, and that is just the start!

We also have some professional goals. I want to help as many people as possible get healthier and live life to the plus, polish up the blog by going to a blogging conference, and John is going to a RV training school in Clearwater Florida this fall. We are at a stage in our life were we want to share some of the knowledge we have learned allong the way and start giving back to the community - we think these will be great places to start.

The kids set some goals too - things like make better choices, read more books, draw lots of pictures, and learn cursive. They make me smile every day! They are growing and maturing into these little people I love spending time with.

What are some of your travel plans? Is there somewhere in Cali, Iowa, or Florida that should be on our MUST SEE list? Can we hook-up with you this year? I would love to hear what 2015 holds for you. 2015 is going to be full I surprises - I can just feel it!

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