Swimming in December and Not the Polar Bear kind - Balmorhea State Park, Tx

Rise and Shine! Only there is no shine this morning. At 6:30, we are greeted with a dreary, overcast sky, and we started packing up in the chilly December air (48 degrees). I think we set a record because we ate and were on the road by 8 am. The moring has consisted of rain and mist but that doesn't stop the kids from stopping twice for potty breaks. Gotta love Texas turnouts, since we bring our potty with us, all we need is a safe place to pull over :)

Our destination for the night is Balmorhea State Park and at about 1 p.m. we roll through the one stop sign town and 3 miles later pull into camp. If it hadn't been for the nice ranger at check-in, the place could be mistaken for ghost town. But I guess most people aren't out enjoying the natural springs in December :)

This park is no disapointment. We have our own little pergola, the spring fed pool to ourselves, and a beautiful view of the mountains. The pool started off a bit chilly (they say it stays at a constant 76 degrees all year around) but not bad after we acclimated. There are ducks swimming in it, and little fish kissing our feet. The water is a beautiful green, and in the center the pool measures 25 feet deep.

A perfect way to end a long dreary day on the road.




  1. I've so enjoyed your adventures since I met you almost 3 years ago at Fort Huachuca. We should be in Tucson around the same time so maybe we'll get a chance to visit again!

    Andy (the fruit lady lol)

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