Reid Park - Oasis in the Middle of Tucson

I could really see us settling down in Tucson, except for the hot summers.  Tucson is for the young and old, and since we are on a set income we really have to watch where our dimes go, and Tucson does not disappoint. 

Feeding the Ducks

In the middle of the city is the Reid Park complex with a rose garden, a series of little fish/duck ponds, playgrounds, a stage, the Reid Park Zoo, aquatic center, golf course, and bike/walking paths connecting them altogether. 

At the Waterfall

Today was a free day exploring the lay on the land. We took a picnic lunch, started at the playground, off 22nd street, and walked over to the little duck pond.

We Love Swinging
We even had time for some theater.  Hanna is currently reading The Wizard of Oz, so the chosen chapter was the monkey scene.  Gotta love homeschooling - we had the best seats in the house :-)

Sleeping Monkeys

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