Signal Hill - Petroglyphs in Saguaro West - Tucson Az

 One more must mention place in Tucson is
The hill rises out of the Saguaro West National Forest, and isn't widely published but well worth the easy to moderate hike. I only say moderate because you do have to climb up a little hill, which was no trouble for us and has a nice path with timber steps.
If one did not want to climb the hill, the place is still beautiful and the petroglyphs can be seen from the base of the hill. There are several scenic picnic areas at the base of the hill worth exploring.
It was a sunny afternoon when we packed a lunch and headed up past the desert museum, and into the dusty hills. To get to the petroglyphs, at the top of signal hill, I had to take a bumpy dirt road. There are two ways to get to the hill - the long way and the short way, and since I was driving I am sure you can guess which way we took.

We seen petroglyphs in Albuquerque at the Petroglyph National Park, and I must say that these were just as nice if not clearer. I especially love coming back to a subject after some time has lapsed with the kids because I get to find out what really mattered to them. In this case, they remembered a lot more than I did, which also reenforced that the hands on education they are receiving is working.

I am beginning to wonder if Tucson ever has a bad day. Once again this was a sun shiny day with a slight breeze keeping us comfortable down in the wash as the kids stopped to play in the sand.
 I had to drag the kids out kicking and screaming with promises we would come back.

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