On the Road Again

Moving again, finally, and it feels so good!


For those of you who live vicariously through our travels - you are in luck. Our summer volunteer gig at sugarbottom has come to an end. The wind is blowing us towards Nashville as we enjoy the kiss of autumn.

We are trying some new things out this winter. For starters, we are going to try out a couple condo's in Florida the first part of December through the Armed Forces Vacation Club. We decided it would feel like a real vacation, and less stress than trying to haul the campers without reservations into prime snowbird country just for a couple of weeks in the winter.

You will also see us with two campers this season. We never sold our original camper, and John claimed it as the office and homeschool camper this summer. I am a litle nervous about maintence and the expenses of a second camper but we will see.

We are also planning several meet-ups in the spring with friends and family, which gives us something to look forward too.

We decided to not do our summer volunteer gig next year, so we will spend the whole year traveling.

And finally, the best for last, we are going to try our hand at vlogging and/or podcasting. I am going to start getting everything ready before the holidays. Hold onto your seats and brace yourselves for the rides of your life - 7 Rambling Kids Uncensored.

So, I leave you with the promise of many more stunnng sunsets, and maybe a few sunrises.



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