We Have Arrived

Biloxi, home sweet home!

At least for the next couple months.

We got in about three weeks ago. I haven't had much writing time because we are liv'n it up. I am finding as the kids get older, I have less time to myself, and most of the time I love it. We are engaged in learning together, every waking moment, and it is so much fun. Right now, at this very moment, they are all enjoying some much needed quiet time, and I have a few things rolling around in my head I wanted to get jotted down.

Today we spent the morning at the beautiful Biloxi front beach. We are currently staying at Keesler AFB famcamp, which is just right up from the sparkling waters. I love this camp because it is so close to everything.

We were previously camping at Davis Bayou, in the Gulf Coast National Seashore, at Ocean Springs. We said hello to Alli the alligator, and even talked with JJ, the park ranger, who remembered us from last year. Our voyage to Davis Bayou has become an annual thing.

One the road from Iowa to Biloxi, we went through St. Louis, and down to Nashville. We stayed at Camp Walmart in Troy, Mo, and then Stayed the weekend at Rend Lake, Illiniois. We really enjoy the COE campgrounds, and the Gun Creek campground at Rend Lake had the most amazing sunsets we have seen since Arizona. We stayed a couple days there, and then headed out to Nashville. Near Nashville we stayed in two COE parks right on the rive or what they call the Cheatham Lake area, which were postcard picture perfect. I would recommend them to everyone, Harpth Bridge and Lock A.

From Nashville, we hit another camp Walmart in Alabama, and then cruised into Biloxi the next day. When we first got here, we went to a fantastic boondocking spot right on the Beach - Treasure Bay Casino Parking Lot. I love this place. Treasure Bay use to have this really cool pirate ship floating out in the bay, which was its casino, but when hurricane Katrina came through it leveled the place. The casino retreated into the landside space where the hotel used to be. Now there is just an empty, broken-up, parking lot were locals come to fish. We parked there for two nights. It is kinda nice because John, who is a late nighter, can go roam the casino, and stretch his legs, while we sleep. And did I mention it is free, and right on the beach!

Life is great! Hopefully we will get settled into a routine now, and I can get some much needed writing done.

Hugs to you all, and we will see down the trail!





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