Holidays in Biloxi & Moving On

I planned to blog more while in Biloxi, Ms, and . . . you see how that went.  We always stay so busy here, and I just don't get everything done on my wish list.  Now that we are gearing up to head out - I will be able to take some stolen moments, and keep you all updated.

The weather has been great in Biloxi - up until now, and we are getting the usually January cold rainy weather.  The ramblers are getting thin blooded, and dreaming of warmer climates.  Tucson, here we come!

We are starting the dreaded trek across Texas - it just goes on and on for days and days.  I have a few side stops on our list that we haven't visited before, so that will help break up the endlessness.

Hope you all had a fantastic holidays, and see you on the road!

Good Bye 2016 and Hello 2017


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