Winter Is Coming.

WOW!  What a journey the last four years have been. It is hard for me to settle into the idea that we will not be heading south in the next couple weeks - it seems bizarre - every cell in my body is preparing for the descent; yet my mind is the only thing that believes the truth. 

If you haven't heard the news, in April our 5th wheel suffered some sever broken welds to the frame, and had to be left at a service center in Little Rock AR.  Our RV is still there, and no closer to being taken care of.  the whole situation has been horrible, and we decided to move into a townhouse for a year.  I am pretty sure, at this point, even when our camper does get repaired, we will be here for a lot longer than a year. 

 The kids are settled in school and with six out of seven loving it, which I think is pretty good odds, living life between these four walls in seeming okay.

Mentally I have accepted that winter is coming, and even went out and bought winter jackets, snow pants and boots - the kids are all set for this new adventure called "Winter With Snow".  I am also finding that I am settling into fall.  I am beginning to layer my tank tops with sweaters, and even wearing SOCKS - who knew. 

I am also finding I have more time to write, which I am loving.  I am setting up a daily practice, and hoping to start on a few projects I have had on the back burners for years.

I am going to savor this time, and look at the bright side - I jokingly say, "Our camper evicted us because she knew that was the only way I would have ever done anything differently".  I was definitely not ready to settle down, but hindsight is 20/20 and I can see now that some of our family members are ready to sit tight for a bit. 

So here is to new adventures, and bright futures.  Cheers!

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