Moving Back into the Camper

I will be totally honest with you.  The first month was HELL!  We had been in a 2000 sq ft home for two years, and moving back into the camper was a struggle, and that is putting it lightly.  In fact, the first month I walked around saying, "I don't think I can do this for the summer.  I think I might kill someone. We are not going to all make it through this together". 

And then something clicked.  Well, a lot of things clicked but one thing was I remembered this learning curve we went through when we first started traveling, and sure enough, as I reviewed my old notes, we had those same feelings.  I noted it wasn't until about the third month that things started to look up - so I guess we did learn something since this chaos only lasted about a month. 

Initially we decided to move back into the camper - before covid hit - so we could be at the campground full time for our contract and save back up to buy a house in the fall.  Then in March Covid hit, and we stayed the course, then in July school announced a return to learn plan fully online, and we talked with a few real estate agents who all confirmed if we can wait a year to buy to buy a house, it will be more of a buyers market. So after putting lots of pieces together, and rearranging, we are going to stay in the camper until ?????  

There are so many things I love about camper life. I love my cozy bedroom.  I love that the kids are outside all the time - riding bikes in the rain, afternoon naps in the hammocks outside, my outdoor kitchen, and the list goes on and on.  Yes, I will totally take more days like these.  So for now, we are making the most of our smaller quarters, and learning new tools and ways to communicate in close proximity.  

Life is Good.  


We are Hitting the Road Again

We are heading back out on the road.  While school the teachers and schools have been awesome - Covid-19 has put a change in how schooling looks.  Our school will be returning to learn in an online format, so rather than being stuck in a brick and mortar home when we don't have to, we are heading south for the winter. 

We will begin our trek as soon as we close down the campground here in Iowa the middle of October.  We are going to make our first long stop in Knoxville TN for two weeks.  John is excited to hit some rivers and do some bushcrafting.  Then we will take about two more weeks getting down to Pensacola Florida where we will stay until Christmas time. 

We get to be in our happy place for the holidays - YEAH!

We are all very excited about putting some miles on the beast again - it seems like just yesterday and yet it also seems like forever.  I will keep you posted!  AND if you have any suggestions of places we should stop and see on the way - please let me know.  We have not taken this route before, so we are super excited.

Here is to quarantining on the road.