The Kids Education

We are just learn'n as we go.  

Some call us homeschoolers, some call us un-schooling, and others call us road-schoolers.  I think we fall somewhere among those labels but not all of any.  We do have a math book we read from, yes you can read math, and it is called The Life of Fred.  We LOVE Fred and his mathematical adventures.  We use some of the Oak Meadow Curriculum. And we read, and write everyday.  Probably watch more TV than we some would like, and definitely probably do less curriculum than most would like. 

Life is our teacher and the world is our school. 

Hear are a couple videos of what a typical day at school Trochesset looks like.

This is how the day might start - with lots of play and burning off some energy to get the creative juices flowing.  

Then our day will transition into generating questions and exploring ideas.

And finally playing with those ideas.

Here is another day out learning about Petrogyphs. 

How does your classroom look different or similar to ours?

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  1. Really nice videos! Thanks a lot for sharing them here. We will be enrolling our daughter to a Phoenix pre-k soon. Making a list of all popular pre-k back here. Planning to visit them sometime next week to see all facilities there.