We love being in service and volunteering; with 8 of us, please don't let our numbers scare you - when you choose us, you actually get more helpers for your money.

We are a full-time RVing family and between us we have lots of skills. We are active, and like keeping busy, so no job is too big or small.

  • John is a retired Air Force helicopter mechanic and an all around handyman. After retiring from the Air Force, he spent some time as a Tech writer, Handyman, and Farm Hand. John holds a formal Bachelor's degree in Park Recreation and Leisure. John is also very friendly and has never met a stranger.  John has volunteer experience as woodcutter, and grounds & trail maintenance with the Corps. of Eng. Currently he is a camp host at the Coralville Lake in Iowa, May through October, and in his spare time he loves to Disk Golf, Hike, Kayak, and bushcraft.

  •  Christine is also ex-military (electrician on helicopters), writing professor, horticulture hobbyist, and home/road-schooling mom. Christine holds a formal MA in English with writing emphasis, an AA in Horticulture, and minor in women's studies and graphic design. Christine has contract and volunteer experience with the Corps of Engineers as a grounds maintenance, beach clean-up, and currently is camp hosting at the Coralville Lake.  She has become quite a wiz at running the reservation system.

Together we make quite a team.  Before becoming a full-time RV family, we owned a 40 acre hobby farm in Iowa, so we are no strangers to mowing, weed eating, trail maintenance, and have been known to wrestled a few chickens, goats, and horses in that time. We are an adventurous outdoors family.

In the summer of 2014 we began as volunteers (May to October), then in 2017 we went under contract as fee booth attendants at the Corps of Engineer Park in North Liberty Iowa, Coralville Lake Complex, and have excellent recommendations from the rangers and our coworkers.
Here is also a bit of information about the kids.  We understand that for many reasons the children may not be able to formally help but they are great ambassadors, and I can guarantee they are an asset, not a liability.  

  • Lexi, 15, and loves to clean. She cleans things top to bottom, and also loves to organize. She is our go to person when something needs to be categorized, or sorted. She is also very personable and a people pleaser.
  • Maia, 13, is a free spirit and loves finding things. She enjoys keeping her world clean, and recycling what she finds. Maia is adventurous and passionate about her environment.
  • Ciara, 12, is a ray of sunshine and does not know a stranger.  She can talk to anyone and makes people smile from ear to ear.  
  • Johnny, 11, is an amazing helper for his age.  He enjoys playing with his cars, trucks, and tractors but has specific fascination with motorcycles.  Johnny is a great help keeping the playground areas clean, especially if there is sand involved.
  • The Twins -  Freya and Joclyn, 9, are still young and growing into good helpers; yet, they are active and adventurous, and we don't let their age slow us down.  If there is litter or trash around - they will not be happy until it is all cleaned up.
  • Hanna is the oldest, 18, and is a huge helper and understands the reservation system. She is a great subcontractor when we are in Iowa, and great at cleaning up trails and trash. She prefers to spend her time outside in nature. Hanna also has her father's gift for making friends easily. She will be venturing out on her own in 2021, and will not be traveling with us anymore.  We are excited for her to venture out on her own.

We understand that our family is not for everyone but if you think we might have possibilities for your park, please email us. We are game for just about anything.

Thanks so much for reading about us, 
Christine Trochesset

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